Unamunos Quorum (OON-a-MOON-oss KWOR-um) is a vocal free improvisation group, based in Melbourne, Australia.
Our music is variously described as sound poetry, free improvisation, or acapella or a capella improvisation. Unamunos Quorum ("UQ") is currently
Edgar Loutit, Mark Lewis, Lily Jephson, Sjaak de Jong, and Julie Drysdale.

UQ History

Unamunos Quorum's CD "Recoding"

Our CD "Recoding" is now available.


"This CD should be experienced for the pleasure of witnessing definitions implode --- and also for the most extraordinary choral experience on the planet."
Peter Murphy (Melbourne sound poet)

"This CD is fantastic. A tight, disciplined group that explores the limits of the voice with verve and focus."
Warren Burt (experimental music composer and performer)

Warren Burt's comments in full

Audio Samples

Here are one-minute audio samples from two tracks in MP3 format.
Track 1 "Precoding" (970k)
Track 12 "Rip Chord" (1025k)

All the tracks are available in RealAudio format at Kenny G's excellent sound poetry site

Some tracks can be downloaded in MP3 format from MP3.com

CD Sales

To buy this CD, please send US$10 or A$15 to Edgar at this snailmail address

Edgar Loutit
4/2 Maraquita Grove
Hawthorn East
Victoria 3123

US bills are fine. Your CD will be sent by airmail.


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